Panel Blinds-Get Here A Viable Alternate to Compliment Your Home Property

Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are undoubtedly a wonderful option to any household and commercial properties. These blinds are best suited for patio doors and extra large windows. They are made using Large Fabric Or Woven Wood Panels. The panels of the blind products slide along a head rail. When not in use they stack neatly on the right or the left hand side. While during its usage, the panels of the product stack side by side in order to create a contemporary window covering and also solar covering.

The operation of panel blinds is done using pull cord or a wand which can easily be operated by hand. Most of the individuals prefer to use these products as an effective room divider since these products give a very modern contemporary feed which will suit many design schemes.

One of the best examples of the use of panel blinds is the COMBINED KITCHENS AND DINING ROOMS. You can opt for these products to essentially split the room into two, temporarily.

Types of Brackets for Panel Blinds 

You can find panel blinds in two types of brackets.

  • Face Fix: This bracket can fulfill your panel blind need, if you will be fixing your blind into the face of a wall or a window/door frame.
  • Top Fix: You will surely like to select the bracket if you will be fixing your panel blind into the top of a recess/reveal or ceiling.

Several other prominent features of Panel Blinds in Dubai:

  • Fabric and Grass Effect Panel Blind Products- In this type of blind products, a transparent plastic bottom bar can be used, which will be covered on both sides.
  • Woven Wood Panel Blinds -A coordinating woven wooden bottom bar is used. The panel of the blind product will also be trimmed with coordinating tape material finish.

Panel blinds can be used for office and corporate use. In short, the large panel width makes them an ideal choice for very large areas of glass primarily used in schools, public buildings etc. Another most important point you need to take into account is that if you intend to cover a wide area, the weight of vertically hung blinds such as panel blinds is kept low. Just because these products are the best suited option for use across larger areas, there is absolutely no reason why these products should not be used in a smaller setting where 2 or 3 slats can cover a window.

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