Cleaning of Roman Blinds Is Must to Prolong Their Life

blinds_romanCleaning Roman blinds is not a demanding job, but it is important to provide your windows with a clean and shiny look. As you know that dust and all sorts of stains are the enemies to the neat and shiny look of your window treatment, so your proper attention is must to maintain the beauty of your product. Several cleaning tips may ease the cleaning routine and prolong the life of your interior design products. The choice of the right technique is determined by the type of blinds you are using now, so it is wise to check the characteristics of the chosen material in the manufacturer’s guide to avoid any mistakes.

Here Are Some Widely Used Cleaning Strategies

Dusting off Regularly

Regular dusting of your Roman blinds is a must because the fabrics tend to attract dust. Remember, the point is, the less you clean your products the more dirt is collected on its surface and it may become very hard to remove it over time. So, in order to avoid this issue, you may use a feather duster to wipe off the head rail. The use of a vacuum cleaner is must to provide your product with a more thorough cleaning. Gently sweep the surface of the Roman blinds while making sure that you clean all the parts of your products equally.

Removing Stains Using Mild Detergents

Before you think to use a particular cleaning technique to clean your product, make sure the fabric is washable and it would not diminish its quality after the treatment. You are recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications guide to find whether is labeled P or not. Once you do it, you can proceed to the next step i.e. dry cleaning. If there is a problem in this regard, it is wise to continue with the stain removal. You can opt for using the white cloth to avoid any unwanted mixing of colors and a very mild detergent.

Steam and Dry Cleaning Technique

 If you are not sure whether you should go with using the Roman blinds cleaning process on your own without making things worse, it is a good idea to choose a dry cleaning technique. As mentioned above, there are a few sensitive fabrics which are labeled P, which actually stands for dry cleaning only. Thus, you would like to use this technique to deal with these kinds of fabrics to be on the safe side.

Have You Gone Through All the Vital Points before Buying Wood Blinds in UAE?


Of course, the installation of products like wood blinds is an asset to any home or office. You would surely get some different look and feel when the placement of these window covering solutions is made. So, using these window treatment solutions will make things simpler and easier for you especially when you are serious about decorating your property.

Where Should I Start?

So, when you decide to buy blinds, the very first question comes into your mind is where to find your desired product. You will find everything -from warm and classic natural looking real wood blinds to faux wooden blind treatments. Do your research, go through their different varieties and choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.

Local Store Can Be Your First Choice

The fact is that you will find a huge product range at your nearest store. They have a team of individuals who will help you decide on which blinds you want. Some stores show you some sample slats of what each brand and model looks like. They also install the blinds for you.

Today’s Generation Prefers Online Shopping

Another widely accepted way to shop for made to measure wooden blinds, whether they are faux wood vertical blinds, wood Venetian blinds, matchstick, or bamboo blinds is to shop online. Every kind of blind is sold via the Internet. Most manufacturers have an online presence today. They are quite aware of the fact that more and more individuals are shopping online for every conceivable item.

Like many individuals, you may be thinking that shopping for your product form a web store will take your extra time to help you find the wood blinds you are actually looking for. However, with the customer service alternatives they offer to their customers, ordering blinds from places like many reputed online stores couldn’t be easier. The team of professionals will help you with everything from telling you exactly how to measure your windows to assist you with choosing the product that fits into your windows.

Don’t Hesitate In Call Them

Don’t get worried or feel embarrassed while asking them for their service or anything else; they will even help you finalize your order, tell you the best installation technique, and most of them offer free shipping. Most of online interior design stores have a money back guarantee on their merchandise. All in all, online shopping has all the possible solutions for all your wood blind needs.

Roller Blinds Dubai-Functional And Stylish

wovenwood_roller_blindsChoices are countless when you see that plain blinds are not giving you results you are looking for. While blinds with plain and simple designs have their own place and value in certain settings, however products with unique and great designs are important when it comes to making your property valuable.

Interior decorators have borrowed some great ideas from the art department in order to exhibit a unique ambience in the indoor environment. Although a plethora of window treatment options are available in the market, home owners and decorators look for the more straightforward approach to dress a window. This is why more and more individuals now prefer to opt for using the roller blinds to decorate their property.

Low Maintenance And Ease Of Operation

Roller blinds have become quite popular among many professional and lay users due to being offering a clean and stylish look. Interior designers choose their non-intrusive look that typically provides a backdrop to a setting. Home owners love the ease of their usage and their reputation for low-maintenance.

Functionality, Style And Art Come Together

With a wide range of designer roller blinds, functionality, style and art have now come together in order to create something new. This has played a very important role in making homes places of relaxation and venues of artistic exhibition.

Affordable Pieces Of Gallery-Quality Creations

Unlike the custom-made or standard roller blinds, designer ones focus not on pattern or texture or a single color. These products are equipped with the elements that create designs that are worthy of art galleries. They are often conceptualized by artists, who want to showcase their creations in a number of venues other than the mainstream. Thus, it is quite possible to find out them in situ as replicas to ‘real’ art. Of course, from an art perspective, these products do look like paintings when they are pulled down, offering residential property owners affordable pieces of gallery-quality creations!

Available Products Are Suited to Everyone’s Tastes and Preferences

As the demands of the modern home owners are becoming more and more eclectic, designers are much serious to conceive creations that would have been considered too modern several decades ago. So, consumers have now wider choices of products with their personal tastes even in design areas that were once considered conservative. Designer roller blinds are the products that reflect this shift in taste and preference. So, get them and increase the value of your property.

Interiors in Dubai-Blinds and Curtains Are Perfect Window Coverings!

interiorsDesigning the interior of your residential property is indeed a difficult but very exciting process. You actually need to be very innovative and creative, according to your taste and personality. The collective ideas of all your family members work together in order to help you to find a balanced and harmonious ambience when it comes to the overall interiors of your home.


Products That Help Multiply the Beauty of Your Home Interior

The procedure for dressing up your window area is generally referred to as ‘window treatments’. You can choose a wide array of blinds, curtains, curtain rings, curtain poles, finials, etc. to treat your windows in a highly creative and personalized manner. One of the most difficult decisions in this regard might be the selection between curtains, and blinds for your property.

Blinds And Curtains Are the Preferred Options

It is important your choice should be more practical rather than based on fantasies. Owing to a number of home decorating options available in the market, one should be spending wisely on buying curtains and blinds. Both home decorating items are costly, and have their own merits and demerits. You are highly recommended to opt for the one what suits your requirements, climate, locality, space, and other furnishings of your room. Apart from this, you also need to make sure that how often you would be changing your window covering solutions, including curtains/blinds. In addition to this, what type of look you have in your mind for your room area? Of course, depending upon all these vital and most relevant factors, you will be in a better position to select the right thing for your bedroom.

Why Curtains Are a Great Way to Improve Your Bedroom’s Look?

If you are presently living in cold climate, you might need to buy curtains, since these products allow maximum possible sunlight in the room and insulate your room in a better way. If you are suffering from asthma, or any other respiratory disease, or are allergic to synthetic materials, curtains can prove to be an excellent choice for your bedroom.

Blinds Can Give A Trendy Look To Your Interior

Blinds are really great when it comes to giving your room with a complete funky look. More and more people across the world now choose blinds, because they find it easy to shut the sunlight, or the exterior view with blinds. For all those whose rooms are small with a minimalistic interior décor is really wise to go for blinds. These products can do wonders giving a neat and trimmed look to your interiors.

A Comprehensive Guide to Roller Blinds

Roller blindsAre you looking for roller blinds for your home? It is undoubtedly one of the best window treatment solutions available in the market for home decorators. These products go well with any of the design or theme of your home. They come in different styles, shades and colors and look very beautiful and attractive. This is why these window dressing options are so popular among homeowners.


Reasons of Choosing These Blinds:

  • They look versatile
  • Allow privacy
  • Control light
  • Allow insulation for your home
  • Look stylish and appealing

Here are a few varieties of roller blinds constructed from different materials:-

  • Block out
  • Light Filtering
  • Sunscreen

Certain Major Benefits of the Installation of These Blinds:

Appealingly Pleasing

Firstly, these window treatment alternatives look appealingly pleasing and can improve the beauty of your residential property. These products come with simple and clean lines. Apart from this, they don’t have any excess fabric. So, it is considered to be an ideal window treatment solution for the modern theme homes. Most importantly, these home decorating items can easily fit into any of the window-size. You can find these items in a wide range of designs and colors. This actually means that you can get a number of options when choosing window blinds for your home.

Flexibility of the Products

Another most crucial benefit of selecting these products is that they are functionally flexible. There are a plethora of styles which can match with any of the design plate. Different materials/ fabrics are used in the making of these blinds, so you have a choice to find your favorite product for any of the space.


Roller blinds are especially known for their durability factor. Thus, you can use these products for a long time. It’s none other than the durability which has made these items one of the most popular window treatments among home and business owners. These products can add a unique appeal to your home. Thus, they are now referred to as an attractive and long-lasting window covering for your windows.

Where You Can Install These Window Coverings?

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living areas
  • Office
  • Bathroom

Do These Blinds Need Any Special Maintenance?

Here are certain steps that you can follow to clean these blinds:-

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust
  • Apply a piece of cloth to clean the stains


Roller blinds are a viable solution that can fit into any interior design. They are a wonderful and cost-effective option. Thus, they are a perfect window cover.

Several Cleaning Tips Is Must to Consider To Maintain the Beauty of Sofa Upholstery

Sofa upholsteryEvery woman adorns her home with different types of furniture they fancy the most and therefore try to keep it clean using all the possible ways. It is common that your sofa upholstery will be in a mess if you have kids and pets at your home. If this is the situation with you, you don’t need to see your sofa getting spoiled in front of you. Just maintaining a routine of sofa cleaning will surely help you to inject new life into your furniture sets and the sofa upholstery in Dubai.

In this blog, I have mentioned some useful tips that will assist you to maintain the look and the longevity of all your upholstery at home. The sofa upholstery cleaning techniques are given below:

  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. However, you need to remove the cushions and pick out the hidden dirt from the corners of the sofas and arm-chairs.

  • Next you can brush out the crumbs or other bits of dirt that are pulled out from the corners which are the main points where dust is generally found.

  • Sofa upholstery

    must be maintained regularly and especially when you have guests and kids spending time in your home. Fallen hair, crumbs, bits of food items tend to stick to the fabrics. Thus, it is important that you clean your upholstery right after your guests leave or else it will become the home of dust termites.

  • Another easy and widely recommended method to clean your upholstery is by keeping them covered with throws. In general, they will smartly adorn your furniture supplies while protecting them against collecting dirt. The throws are much sufficient to absorb sweat moisture also. There is a plethora of individuals who want to lounge on their sofa items for long hours. In such cases, these throws can prove to be an excellent product. Plus, they can be easily taken out and washed in washing machines.

  • Install your sofa furniture away from the windows or open spaces from where dust enters the indoor environment. In this way, you will also be able to maintain the color of the fabrics.

  • It is easy to clean the leather furniture product. First and foremost, you can vacuum and then wipe it dry using a moist cloth. However, leather sofa cleaning must be performed carefully in order to avoid water marks.

  • You can also keep your sofa upholstery even cleaner by using the Stain Protection.


Numerous Reasons of Choosing Panel Blinds For Your Property

Panel Blinds The world of window blinds has been changed now. Todays’ people are looking for ideas that can give results to them instantly. For such home decorators, it is always advisable to bring panel blind to their home to renovate its look and make it a valuable asset. This is why more and more individuals are running behind a huge assortment of panel blinds in Dubai to get the same at a very affordable price range.

Lend Themselves to A Completely Different Application

Once you buy these blinds, you will see that they are really awesome when it comes to offering a distinctly contemporary look as opposed to any other type of window blinds. These products also work as a room divider or you can say that they lend themselves to a completely different application. The slats come in a wide size, and significantly enough to give a solid look when stacked together which can be utilized to divide residential or official rooms into separate areas.

When Not In Use

When someone is not using them, the blind products can be folded in either to the center of a window or either side forming a very neat stack unlike curtain items which bunch up and take up considerable room when open. If you are searching for a radical modern look, then panel blinds are well worth considering.

Popular For Different Corporate and Office Uses

Panel blinds are highly appreciated these days by many offices and corporate entities. The large-sized panel blinds make them a suitable choice for very large areas of glass often found in public buildings, schools etc. Another most important consideration is that if you have a plan to cover a wide area, then the weight of panel blinds is kept low. For your better knowledge, horizontal blinds such as Venetians would be impossible to open and close if they are available in the width of more than 5 feet. These products would leave a huge strain/pressure on the single cord used in order to operate them whereas vertical type of panel blinds are individually hung so weight is evenly distributed along the entire length of the track.

Cleaning Of These Blinds Is A Convenient Job Too

Just because these decorating items are perfect for use across larger areas, there is actually no reason why these products should not be used in smaller settings, where 2 or 3 slats can be used to cover a window. Apart from offering a modern look to your property, the cleaning of these products is a whole lot easier.

Give Your Home A Sophisticated and Elegant Look With Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are significantly enough to give your property a sophisticated and elegant look. Commonly made from fabric, these blinds come in the market in diverse range of design, color, texture and size depending on what you want. If you seriously want to stay away from the trouble that generally comes with using heavy draperies or curtains, roman blinds are a most suitable option for you and your home.

Roman Blinds Are Versatile and Fit into Any Home Environment

These products are versatile when it comes to adding unique style to your residential property. In fact, a simple patterned blind can be used to make a simple accent piece; wherein a heavily patterned one will make a statement. Soft and light fabrics can do wonders when it comes to providing a summer feel and, of course, a blind that is available in warm colors can give a fuzzy warm feeling to your home which works well in those cooler months. These products can be of different types according to their shape, color and texture.

According to Shape

Roman blinds are the decorative items that come with flat panels that extend all the way downward. They are divided into two categories, according to the shape or the fold that you can see when you draw up these products. The first and foremost style folds straight when neatly and lowered folds up when pulled up, where it lies flat. While, the second style of these kinds of blind products is a teardrop shape. In general, these varieties of blinds do not lie flat when you pull it up but rather they have a curved or cuffed hem. You can find a loop or teardrop shape when drawn up. This style is perfect, especially for the living or bedroom room area, as it gives the room a softer and more elegant appearance.

According to Blind Color

You can choose your blind according to the style and interior of your room. As these interior design products are available in all colors, so it is easy to mix and match.

According to Blind Texture

Roman blinds come in the market in various different fabrics: from soft fabric, canvas, denim, wispy, flimsy, denim and leather, even satin. The selection of the texture of the fabric basically depends on what type of look you want to choose for your house. In general, a softer texture is widely preferred for a teardrop style; wherein a stiffer fabric texture is required to provide you with a stiff horizontal style.


Wood Blinds-Look Natural and Great Window Treatments!

Wood blinds Many people from across the world have recognized this fact that the blinds are the major decorating elements. Wood blinds are the products that add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room. They are really great when it comes to providing ultimate privacy without looking stark. These products have the ability to offer an inviting look and add unmatched beauty to the rest of the furniture in the room. It is common to see that many interior decorators love to use these products for their versatility, warmth, and durability as well.

Ensure Give You A Different Look Without Investing Extra Efforts and Money

Wood blinds have the ability to provide a natural look to the room with a graceful charm. These products look much better than conventional curtains or shutters. You will expect to get the amazing results, whether you apply it in an inside area or in an outside area. Plus, these window treatments are known to be good insulators from cold or heat. You can also use faux-wood blinds, which resemble the wood blinds in look, for humid areas like windows in the bathrooms or in the kitchen.

Available in a Wide Range of Varities

You can find wood blinds in Abu Dhabi in lots of varieties– wood mini blinds, faux wood blinds, woven wood blinds, vertical blinds etc.These products come in diverse colors, shades, stains and shapes and can be made from different varieties of wood. It is quite possible to approach custom ordered window wood blinds. Apart from this, these window treatments can also be fitted with various other optional features like cord-want tilt, fabric tapes and light-blocking, motorization, UV control, and anti static control.

You are always recommended to determine the size of the slats while buying GCC blinds. One-inch slats are best suited for French doors as well as smaller windows, while the two-inch sized slats can work well on windows of any size and shape. The bigger size of the slats looks like plantation shutters and provides maximum see-through space when open. Various other alternatives provided with these products are cordless operation and valance upgrades as per clients’ needs.

So, Where Can I Find Them?

Wood blinds are easily available in many traditional and online home improvement stores that provide home/interior decoration services. It is now possible to order such products through online stores, which also maintains catalogues on their website. This is a comparatively inexpensive option for all people seeking for low-priced window treatments.

Interiors In Dubai-What Will Help To Make Your Home Look Fresh And Attractive?

interiors in Dubai,The installation of new window dressings is a key to improving the value of your property. However, like many other things, you might face difficulties in choosing the right interior product if your research is not up to the mark. When you are seeking the right interiors in Dubai, it is not possible to ignore the importance of Window Dressing Solutions.

Here is When You Should Come into Action

If you are into the problem of finding the correct window dressing, you would surely prefer the product that not only suits the style that you have selected for the room, but also the purpose that it and the room it serves. The cost is really a very important factor to consider for everyone. However, the market has a number of options that meet both your requirements and budget. Here are a few ideas as to how you can choose blinds and curtains within your property.

Curtains- A Must Have Home Decorative Element

The selection of a window dressing option always depends on the style and functionality of the product. What Does Your Room Say? This is something that always makes a huge difference when it comes to selecting the product for your home. Once you review your room, you will be able to find the curtain window treatment solution easily. These products have a huge impact to leave once they are installed properly. Here are a few examples:

Dining Room – In most of the homes, this place is used for entertainment purposes. Thus, choose the product keeping this point in mind. This room also witnesses guests so it is important to take care of this while selecting the curtain product for this room.

Lounge – This is the place where you love to spend your most of the time. So, the selection of the curtain should be in a way that can please your eyes and make you feel happy whenever you are in the place. Like many people, you would love to choose the strong colors to add color schemes within the area.

Bedrooms – When you are choosing the curtain for this room, you are always recommended to take these things into account-taste and practicality. The product that can integrate well with the room can be your choice. However, the only purpose of using these products in this room is to black out the light. Of course, you call for a lined or heavy curtain to stop the light coming through.

Blinds- That Can fit Any Space to Your Property

For many, the meaning of interior design actually starts from choosing the right kind of blinds. Of course, the FLEXIBILITY AND CONVENIENCE are the major features which you can expect to acquire with the usage of these window treatment options. The usage of these interiors in Dubai is commonly seen in the places of the rooms:

Kitchen – When you think about the usage of these products in the kitchen area, nothing can come into mind instead the practical reasons. The fact is that curtains are seen as a fire hazard so please try to avoid using that material that is bound to be hanged loosely around in a kitchen area. It is not good to opt for the drapery option since lots of heat and steam are generated at this place.

Bathroom – This room has a lot of moisture due to showers and showers. Condensation on curtains would of course make the curtains ruin. Because of its easy wiping and cleanliness, wooden based blinds are a preferred alternative for many people.

Although there is a wider choice of blinds and curtains available on the market, you still love to choose the interiors in Dubai that can meet your needs and budget.