Aluminium Venetian Blinds-A Practical Window Covering Solution

faber-softline-aluminium-venetians-4Different people have different tastes when it comes to dressing their windows with attractive covering solutions. The selection of an interior design item doesn’t depend only the look and feel the product will give you once it is installed properly, but there are various important factors that need to consider to make your decision successful. Aluminium Venetian blinds are not a window treatment solution that only talks about giving your home an attractive look, but the installation of these products can make your property more functional.  Today, these products have become a practical window solution for many home and business owners.

Make Your Property Functional And Stylish

Whether you want to install blinds to solve problems with glare, or protect your furnishings from the harsh sunlight or buy these products to attain privacy, Aluminium Venetian blinds can do every job in a perfect manner. Many homeowners are now using these interior design products due to different reasons. But, their purpose is same to make their property more functional and stylish.

Available in Different Styles, Shades and Colors

These products are now available in different shades and styles. So, choosing the one that will match the color and design theme of your property is not a big task to perform. Make your points first, decide which option will go well with your choice, and finalize the product keeping all the important points in your mind. The appearance given by the product is unmatched and can attract anyone. These products are great when it comes to giving you great privacy while letting light in, while allowing you to retain an outside view. They are available in a range of colors to enable these blinds to coordinate with your home interior decor. Easy-to-use with a pull down, these products are undoubtedly a practical addition to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

A Hottest Window Treatment Solution

Aluminium Venetian blinds are one of the hottest window treatment solutions which have all the latest features to improve one’s property. Among many options available online, you don’t need to get confused, since you can do this job easily by just weighing up practicality, price and style of the product. Most window treatments have the capability to enhance the appearance of the home, but these blinds can prove to be a great investment. You can use the internet and go through many websites to find the product that will match both your requirements and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t think anymore! Take this blind to your home and witness an outstanding ambience.

Regular Cleaning of Sofa Upholstery Is Must To Maintain Its Beauty

11_253Sofa upholstery is one of the most important and useful entities of a property. This can make any home look appealing and attractive. So, the cleaning of the product is important to maintain its elegance and keep it away from the dust.

Where The Cleaning Starts From?

A proper care is imperative to maintain the beauty of your upholstery. It is very easy to clean the slipcovers as compared to dealing with other parts of the furniture products. If you want to cover the whole piece of your product, then you can use seat cushions, arm covers, and similar partial coverings for the areas that are mostly used.

Choosing fabric protectors is a good choice when you seriously want to opt for a treatment solution that is used to make fabric more resistant to liquids and stains. There are a plenty of places where this procedure is done. Reading the maker’s cleaning instructions is considered as one of the most vital parts of upholstery care & maintenance. You can also ask your retailer how to care for it while buying the upholstery from the market.

Certain Commonly Used Sofa upholstery Cleaning Methods

There are a plenty of ways of cleaning the upholstery. Some of the widely recommended ones are given below:

Most of the homeowners use a vacuum on a regular basis to make their products dust-free. While, some varieties of the products can be brushed. The final word is that different fabrics are available on the market with some kind of similar maintenance. These efforts are made to keep the product look fresh and stain-free.

In addition to this, rotating the pillows and turning the cushions will also help you to keep your products looking new and distribute the wear more evenly.

Keeping your sofa upholstery away from too much direct sunlight will help to maintain the color of the product for long. You can place your product very carefully or try to just simply shut the blinds down when you are not available at your home. It has been noticed that dark colors may fade faster if they come in contact with the direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing the newspaper or other article that may bleed ink onto the furniture. It is also good for you to keep pollutants like smoke away from your upholstery. Couches generally absorb smoke, and emits it back into the room, creating a constant and strong smell.


Although the market includes a number of sofa upholstery cleaning methods, it is always wise to do your proper research while finalizing the one.

Reap Many Benefits By Installing Wood Blinds in UAE

12_368Wood blinds in the UAE are an ultimate window covering solution offering a wide range of aesthetic and practical benefits. Window coverings are considered as one of the most important design elements of any room. The selection of a blind basically depends on the style of a particular room. The market has a number of interior design products for many home and business owners. Window blinds are now a popular choice among many home decorators across the world due to being versatile, and affordable.  They are great when it comes to creating an atmosphere of warmth in a room of any style while also offering unmatched practical advantages.

Amazing Style

Wood blinds can prove to be a great addition to any room that is enough to add beauty and texture to your windows. These products come with a distinctly natural feel which gives them an especially graceful charm. In addition to this, these products also feature clean lines and help a lot when it comes to promoting a sense of space even in smaller rooms. Furthermore, since wood window blinds are made using different types of wood including oak, bamboo, mahogany, pine, maple, chestnut, and beech to name a few, they can easily fit into any motif.

Great Flexibility

Due to being made from different types of wood, they feature a great flexibility. Their availability in faux wood clears that they are not just versatile stylistically, but functionally. You can use them anywhere in your home, be it a bathroom or a kitchen.  Faux wood blinds are durable enough to stand against the humidity, while looking and feeling like real wood. These products are easy to clean, durable and available at very affordable prices. They require only minimal maintenance during their usage for several years.


Another one of the most imperative benefits of using wood blinds in the UAE is the utmost privacy they offer to their users. Plastic window covering solutions are sometimes at least partially translucent, and typically shadows or outlines are quite visible through the blinds. On the other hand, wood blinds are completely opaque, and as they can be closed and opened, you will have a full control over your privacy.


Unmatched Customization

As a homeowner you will also have an option to customize your wood blinds. It’s up to you whether you want to go with the slat size blinds or have a plan to choose between horizontal and vertical varieties.

Curtains in UAE- React Now Against Your Old fashioned Window Coverings

NewtonBlackCurtainsIt’s good to decorate your residential property in your own way. For this purpose, you will do more research and try to find out the most relevant information from different sources. The internet is, of course, one of the most preferred options. And, the truth is, you will expect to get a huge amount of information on the topic. So, when your home décor fantasy arises in your mind, you would not stop yourself by implementing the latest ideas in your property. You will find yourself very lucky if you succeed in spotting the right product to make your home look appealing and attractive. The usage of curtains in UAE is something that will surely give your property a complete new look. There are various things that make these blinds something special in terms of appearance and the overall feel of the home interiors.

How To Start Putting Efforts In Decorations

In this regard, first and foremost step is to opt for the right curtains for your windows. For your concern, the selection of the right products will surely help to add more style and beauty to your home. A proper color arrangement is important to go ahead successfully. Make sure that your selected product will match the color and design theme of the room. The market is flooded up with an extensive range of curtains for the users. So, it’s up to you to find the most suitable product for your home. You can go with curtains with lining or stripes for small rooms or also choose good designs like floral or checks as they add density to the theme of your room. Plain designs are the most preferred options. Curtains in solid colors are perfect for medium rooms and lite colors for larger rooms as well.

Different Options of Curtains

There are a number of options available in curtains so it is easy to find out the best one for you. Either semi sheer designs or the full sheer designs, you can go with any of them as per your convenience. Considering the curtains in proper length is also one of the most crucial tasks. You also consume enough time to finalize the color of the blind. You can find these blinds at different price ranges and thus, you don’t have to face problems in choosing the products in your budget. Finally, I would say that once you have chosen the right  curtains in UAE, you will be able to capture the hearts of you, your family and all the ones who will visit your home.

Roller Blinds in Dubai- Give Your Property A New Look This Season!


So, this time you are damn serious to adorn your home with the most classy and unmatched range of window treatment solutions. There is no need to bother since you can easily achieve your goal by just adding the right kind of Roller Blinds to your windows. Products that match with the design and color theme of your room can do wonders when it comes to making your property more beautiful and attractive.

Here are a few reasons for choosing Roller Blinds in Dubai & across the world:

  • These products look versatile
  • Allow privacy and control light
  • Allow insulation for your home
  • Look stylish and appealing

These interior design products are available in the market in different materials:

  • Block out
  • Light Filtering
  • Sunscreen

Here are some major benefits of installing roller blinds:

Enhances The Beauty Of Your Home

What you say about the stunning appearance of these products? They come with simple and clean lines and don’t have any excess fabric. These products are now considered as an ideal window treatment solution for the current advanced theme based homes. Most importantly, these blinds can fit into any windows with different sizes. They are available in different designs and colors. In short, you will find a number of options in this regard.

Great Flexibility

This is one of the most important benefits of choosing these blinds. Being functionally flexible, these products can fit into your room environment.  You can place them in any space of your room due to being made with the help of different fabrics/materials. This is undoubtedly a great window treatment solution for your property.


These blinds are also durable. So, they can stay with you for a long time. This feature makes these blinds one of the most in-demand products among many home and business owners. It would not be wrong to say that they really play a major role in adding a unique appeal in your residential property. Simply put, they are attractive, beautiful and long-lasting window treatment solutions.

Where You Can Use These Interior Design Products?

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living areas
  • Office
  • Bathroom

Do They Need Any Special Maintenance?

There are some useful ways to clean these products. Some of them are given below:

  • Use a vacuüm cleaner to clean the dust on the surface of the blinds
  • Take a piece of cloth and use it to clean the stains


All in all, Roller Blinds in Dubai are an ideal covering alternative for your windows. Just installing these products, you can be rest assured that you will get a cost-effective solution for your property.

Blinds And Curtains – Available In A Wider Range For Both Home And Office

honeycomb-blinds-ottawa-4Like many other homeowners, you might have a dream of revamping the old look of your home and giving it a new and fresh appearance. If this is the case with you, nothing could be better than employing the services of curtains and blinds. These interior design products have become one of the hottest deals in the market. You can find stylish window coverings, including vertical or wooden blinds or pleated or Roman shades. The availability of these products in a wider range is enough to increase the value of your property. It is very easy to maintain and clean these products.

Window Blinds And Curtains For Home

Most people now rely upon the professionals when it comes to choosing the right blinds in Abu Dhabi. These experts will surely help to give your entire space a contemporary and fresh look. Numerous shades of blinds are available in the market to serve you the most suitable products for your residential property. This will help you to accentuate the windows of various rooms, such as dining rooms, living rooms, or bedroom rooms.

Prior to the installation of blinds and curtains, a professional is a person who will take care of all the important factors while finalizing the product for you. Your room privacy and light control are the most important things that he takes on a priority basis. Professionals associated with a reputed company also perform measuring and installation of the product.

Transitional shades, Roman shades, solar shades and cellular shades are the most common varieties available in the market for home interior decorators. These products come in different styles, colors and sizes. The extensive variety of window curtains in Abu Dhabi can mesmerize you by providing your property an unmatched beauty.

Window Blinds And Curtains For The Office

Choices are countless when you are planning to choose new blinds or curtains for your office windows. You will have a number of products to make your commercial property functional and appealing. With the help of a professional, you will be rest assured to find the window covering solutions that encourage productivity and are healthy for your employees.

A good interior design company maintains a website through which you can easily buy your favorite product. They generally offer a money back guarantee on their wide range of products. The motto of this company is to assist you with choosing the most valuable product for your office.

Interiors in Dubai-Nothing Could Beat Curtains and Blinds

1386589019_575579867_5-Future-dezire-interiors-KarnatakaAlmost every residential property features blinds and curtains. These products are really important when it comes to improving the look of your home interior. Here are several reasons why you should these products to cover your windows.

To Keep Watchers Away

Privacy is of course one of the most important reasons why more and more individuals are choosing blinds and curtains. As a homeowner you can adjust these interior design products to cover the window in such a way that any stranger can’t look inside your home while light still pours in. In fact, this will allow you to maintain complete privacy in your home.

To Get Thieves Out and Your Products In

Curtains and blinds work as an excellent protector to your property. Thieves are more likely to rob your home if you are not using any kind of window covering treatment, since this will also them to look inside your house easily and they quickly find if there is something worth robbing.

Give You Control the Heat That Comes Inside

Blinds are curtains are the most recognized products of home interior in Dubai. They will help you to control the heat that pours into your residential property, but also the heat that flows out. Products like exterior blinds are best suited to prevent your property from heating too much during the summer season. While, items like interior blinds are also very helpful when it comes to keeping some of the heat out. The good news is that you can also find these interior blinds very useful in the winter season. During that time, they prevent heat from flowing out of the house. This means that the products are perfect whether you want to keep your house warm or cool.

To Let Sun’s Light Pour When Required and Shut It Out When Not

Curtains and blinds are the interior design products that can be used to either darken or lighten a room. You can close them if too much light is coming inside or open them if you find that there is too dark.

To Embellish Your Property

Curtains and blinds are great when it comes to creating beautiful window dressing options at a minimal price. In the market, you can find now blinds made of different materials ranging from fabric to wood, metal, cellular and faux wood. If you are looking for a product to make your property both beautiful and functional, then nothing could beat these products.

Sofa Upholstery in Dubai-Cleaning Is Must To Maintain Its Elegance

1311077313_229305811_3-SOFA-UPHOLSTERY-LA-CANADA-FINTRIGE-818-783-4000-WM-UPHOLSTERY-RepairThe furniture upholstery in your property defines your taste and style of living. In this regard, ignoring the importance of sofa upholstery is not possible. As a human being we are ready to spend a Considerable Sum Of Money to buy this piece of furniture to accentuate the look of our homes. However, the truth is that our furniture items don’t stay as ‘new’ and ‘clean’ as when we bought them. Especially when you have kids and pets, then your home is prone to food stains, mud stains, and other similar dirt stains that are not easy to remove through normal cleaning at home. In order to keep your upholstery as good as new, it is advisable to use the services of a professional.

Another most important reason why you should opt for professional cleaning is because of the warranty that comes along with your furniture. In case if your product is still within the warranty period, then avoid doing some heavy-duty cleaning on it yourself, since it may get the warranty NULLIFIED. Thus, it is good for you to consult the warranty provider in order to know if getting the furniture products cleaned―either yourself or professionally―would maintain the warranty.

How To Find Out The Right Professionals

There are a number of factors that you must take into account while selecting the right company to do the job. Several major factors include reputation, cost, experience, and credibility. However, if you go into the technicality of this task, then you also have to consider several other important factors that include chemicals used, time taken, cleaning temperature, and the technique for agitation. Here are certain important tips that will help you to hire the right cleaning company according to your needs.

You Can Easily Spot A Professional Company Online

Internet is really important when you are searching for the facts-reputation, accreditation, customer feedback, and more. An online search would not only help you choose the right company, but also gives a report of how the firm has performed in terms of customer satisfaction and more.

Compare Price Quotations To Get A Budget Friendly Option

Go through a number of websites and compare the prices of sofa upholstery cleaning service. Remember, you shouldn’t compare only costs, since the cheapest option needn’t be the best one. In addition to this, consider several other imperative factors that constitute quality delivered, reputation, safety, warranty, and professionalism.

Blinds in Abu Dhabi-Possibilities Are Countless!

honeycomb-blinds-ottawa-4Window dressing is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when you are giving final touch to your home décor. It is advisable for you to pay extra attention while looking for new HOME DECORATING IDEAS. Don’t worry about the budget, since market has a number of options with different designs, styles and price ranges. Simply put, window treatments like blinds play a very important role in emphasizing the individual character of the place.

Choosing the right style and color of window dressing options will surely make the room welcoming and comfortable.

Window Treatment Option In White Color Is Preferred By Many

In general, most home decorators like to install white colored window dressing options, as it always comes with a CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE. White blinds are the timeless and versatile window treatment products that provide a unifying base for the most window designs. White colored products allow decorators to mix it in one room transforming the feel from warm into cold to increase the impact from your window blinds in Abu Dhabi. Fresh, minimal, translucent and light-colored products are the most sought-after and highly effective modern window treatment options.

Available in Diverse Shades and Fabric Textures

These interior design products are available in DIFFERENT SHADES AND FABRIC TEXTURES in Abu Dhabi that allow these products to be blended perfectly with the upholstery furniture to match the apartment’s light and mood. You can find venetian blinds in a wide range of vintage-inspired muted colors that will help to add something extra to your property. Choose the color of your product carefully in order to avoid making the room too impersonal.

Check Light Arrangements In Your Room

If you have a confusion which color you should opt for while selecting your final blinds in Abu Dhabi, it is wise to think about what light is your apartment getting from outside. In general, light in your room changes throughout the day. So, check the proper light arrangements in your room when you finalize your WINDOW TREATMENT OPTION.


Choosing a proper window treatment option is as important as the selection of any other piece of furniture items. If you are facing problems in creating a BALANCE VIEW, it is quite possible to overcome it by adorning your window with forgiving blinds in carefully chosen colors. Finally, we can say that the installation of these products can not only improve the look of the home decor, but their usage is much worthy of increasing the value of your house.

A Guide to Find Out Different Curtain Installation Ideas


This blog is all about providing you with the relevant information regarding a few curtain installation ideas in Dubai and how to use different styles of fabric and patterns. This will surely help you find the curtains that you never thought of.

Curtains-A Real Asset To Your Property

Curtains for windows are one of the widely recognized interior design products when it comes making a room more attractive. These products can also give your windows a softer look. You can use them to protect your valuable furniture products from harmful UV rays. It has also been noticed that these products are found to be very helpful in keeping the wind out, controlling the temperature of a room, and it can even help in reducing exterior noise from coming in or going out.

Proper Arrangement In Rooms Is Must To Get the Expected Results

A proper arrangement in your rooms will matter a huge difference when it comes to selecting a curtain since it has to match with all other textiles in your room. You are also recommended to take care of your windows with curtains.

Here are a few ideas to treat your windows with curtains.

  • Install a curtain over a blind.
  • Hang it over blinds or some other shadow.
  • Increase protection installing them with short, purely decorative over-draperies.
  • Increase protection using short or long curtains which hang on the sides of windows
  • Place them by hiding the hardware that you have at home, especially in the kitchen.

How Long Should Your Curtains Be?

In general, there are different types of curtains in UAE available in the market. Those available in long sizes are considered as interior design products that set up a more formal, distinguished and elegant mood. While, on the contrary, shorter curtains are known for giving a more casual, relax and informal mood.

Length of Curtains and Room Moods:

  • Shorter products add to the mood of any room.
  • Touching the floor in elegant or formal rooms.
  • Extra-long, spreading it ends a bit or a lot on the floor is great for a romantic room.
  • For your concern, ending at the top of floor molding will give your room an awkward an ugly look. Just lower the length of the product to solve this problem.
  • Reaching the floor is perfect for a family room or a living room.

Curtains For Ugly Looking Windows

Here are several ways to make your windows more charming and look beautiful:

  • If you have a short window, you can attach the supporting rods just below the ceiling and then hang long sized curtains reaching the floor of you room. In short, it will give the impression that you have a longer and more beautiful window.
  • In case, if your window is too long, you can place a cornice above your curtains using a bold horizontal pattern.